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This candle was made at a waxing moon on Sunday in the hour of Archangel Michael. When lit, this candle produce a combination of harmonious energy vibrations that resonate with the qualities associated with the Archangel Michael, and can be used on the day of the ruling Archangel for that candle, or burnt at any time there is a need for the specific qualities from Archangel Michael This candle is widely used for spiritual and magical work. Ritualistic candle burning aids concentration on a specific magical intent. As you focus on the flame visualize your intentions being consumed and transformed into ethereal thought forms. Energy follows thought. To turn your dreams, wishes and visualizations into realities, follow thought with action, charged with the cosmic energy of the sacred fire. With herbs ruled by Archangel Michael like Lavender, hyssop, Sage, Violet and other fine herbal that have been associated with faith, protection, truth and justice for centuries. Use in rituals, prayers and meditations of seek the highest truth and occult knowledge and justice,creation, peace, and truth. To end peacefully quarrels within the family, loved ones, with neighbors, with government agencies or even with strangers, dispels negative energy .Candle is excellent for use in rituals for help whenever you feel negativity. It will cleanse the negative energy from any space Archangel Michael candle thrusts a potent attractive energetic current out into the Cosmos for calling positive energies to you. All Archangels candles are available Candle is 5.12" (140mm)

BLACK MAGIC SPELL FOR BINDING A LOVER Black magic should always be performed with caution. This is a very powerful black magick spell which dates from the middle ages. To bind a lover you will get your chosen lover and they will be at your control.

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Clear Quartz is known as the master healer of the mineral kingdom and is often used for enhancing psychic abilities. It has the energetic property of amplification, focus, and programmability. Crystal lovers know Clear Quartz to be a great tool for manifestation and spiritual growth. Meditating with Clear Quartz can help one to attune to the soul purpose. Clear Quartz can open and activate the chakras. Clear Quartz is also a great tool for manifestation grids and body layouts, but ,must be cleansed regularly. Please Note: The pendulum chains shown may vary slightly from the example pendulum in the picture. £10.00

AROMATHERAPY BLENDS Essentials oils are nature's pure essence. They are the direct essence of the plant, root bark, and flowers in which they are distilled from. Our essential oils are 100% pure. Each one of our synergy blends has been created with a purpose. Each blend will help to restore your health through the means of the purest forms of nature. Our oils are created, blended and poured by hand. We select our essential oils based on their therapeutic benefits. Essential Oils are the passage way to open your senses to the world

Looking for a thoughtful but budget-friendly gift idea, be it for a birthday or for Christmas? These DIY scented candles in personalised initial mugs are just the thing! £5.00

Selection of handmade scented soaps avaliable Example : Romantic Rose Soap Ingredients: Goat’s Milk Organic Glycerine Soap Base pure rose essential oil dried rose petals sweet almond or olive oil

Readings Available What is the I Ching? There are so many ways to answer this one! The I Ching is the world's oldest oracle; it's a book of Chinese wisdom; it's the accumulated experience of over 2,500 years of diviners and sages, and beyond that of unimaginably ancient oral traditions; it's the voice that has been offering people help and wise, genial guidance for generations. The I Ching as you buy it today will be a collection of texts - a wonderful mixture of imagery and advice, philosophy and poetry - divided into 64 'chapters'. These are the 64 hexagrams, which means simply a pile of six lines, either broken or solid. When you consult the I Ching, you build up a hexagram line by line according to the results of coin tosses or one of the other methods, such as sorting yarrow sticks or pulling marbles from a bag. All the translations will tell you how this works - it's absurdly simple. And so you are pointed to a particular collection of texts - and, if one or more of your six lines is in the process of changing from solid to broken or vice versa, then there are also line texts to read, and the second hexagram that's formed after the lines have changed. A hexagram isn't just a convenient chapter heading - it's also a very simple, elegant picture of how the energy is flowing through the situation. I Ching means 'Book of Changes', and change is really the one constant throughout the book. The hexagrams are not so much static pictures as ways to move: Creating, Receiving and sustaining, Beginning, Learning, Waiting, Arguing... What can I achieve with it? This is a far better question than 'what can it do for me?' Whether you use Runes, Tarot, the I Ching - or indeed consult a psychic or a reader - the power actually to bring about change stays with you. The I Ching is simply an oracle: it answers your questions. Its answers bring you into contact with something fundamental and unchanging, but at the same time absolutely, vividly connected to your present situation. It brings deeper insight - and that in turn empowers you to make changes for the better. I have seen the I Ching help to bring harmony to relationships, and deepen and strengthen spiritual practice, reassuring or challenging as the need arises. It's also been known to guide lawyers through important cases, offer very practical business advice, and help with investment decisions. I know that this sounds like an extraordinary range of subjects, but I have a feeling that we respond in this way only because we have lost the connection between everyday life and spiritual practice. The I Ching restores this - which is one reason why it is so constantly stimulating and challenging to consult. In practice, I have found that most people value the I Ching for its ability to help in their relationships. Its answers are extraordinarily sensitive to the nuances of human interactions - in business and friendship as well as love. This is not the same as the 'genuine clairvoyant psychic will find you your soulmate' type of thing! Used with sincerity and respect for the other person's privacy (very important!) the I Ching can bring greater understanding of the other person's feelings and how the situation looks from their perspective. You can be better prepared for the challenges ahead, and negotiate current problems successfully. This is probably the area in which I've gained most from the I Ching myself - including a valuable friendship that was well on the way to becoming enmity before I asked how to rescue it! Can it predict the future? I have found that the I Ching can answer my questions about anything that is, at least within the limits of my own understanding. So I'd expect a reading to give me a good idea of, for example, the likely outcome of an election, assuming that most people had already decided which way to vote. This looks like predicting the future, but it works through the I Ching's unparalleled insight into the present. We are free individuals, so neither the I Ching nor any power on earth can predict what we'll decide before we decide it. What the I Ching does do - and this is an enormous help - is to tell you what challenges and opportunities you are likely to face if you take a particular path, and how you can negotiate the obstacles you meet. This is the opposite of 'fortune telling'. Being told what will happen, as if your own choices had nothing to do with the outcome, is deeply disempowering. The I Ching tells people what effects their choices will have, and helps them to develop strategies to achieve their goals. The danger with any form of divination is that the user starts to consult it for every decision, or tries to use it to take the responsibility of decision away from them. The I Ching gives that responsibility straight back! 'If you have no place to go,' it might say, 'it's fortunate to come back. If you have a direction to go, it's fortunate to set out at daybreak.' Or 'the first consultation is informative; the second and third create confusion.' In its kindly but decidedly blunt way, the I Ching cares for the people who use it.

Example of a Birth Chart - available via email - payment by PayPal £10 per report Your birth chart is your unique, astrological fingerprint! This is the explanation of your birth chart. Name: Email: Date of Birth: 22 July 1973 Time of Birth: 00 00 Unknown Time City: United Kingdom London This is a detailed reading of your astrology birth chart, as it was shaped at the time of your birth. In order to get the full scoop, you will need to know the day, time and place of your birth. If you do not know the exact time you were born, you will still get an accurate reading for the most part, but the positions of the planets in the houses might not be exact, as the Moon and Sun move at a faster pace than the rest of the planets. As shown in our astrology birth chart, our horoscope is decided at the time of our birth and the planetary positions signify personality traits that will follow us for the rest of our lives. One’s birth chart in astrology is their unique fingerprint in this life as at the time of our birth, the universe seems to classify us under a star sign. Our birth chart reading, includes all the planetary positions of your natal chart as well as the aspects the planets were forming at the time and their influences on both your character and your life. As the best and most experienced astrologers often insist, one’s horoscope does not just consist of their star sign. If you have a look at your birth chart, you will see that your horoscope is an extremely complex system of interacting elements that come together in a unique way for each one of us, to complete our profile puzzle. But if you’re here, at Simplymagickal, you probably know all that already. So, next time you’re interested to find more about a potential love interest, make sure you get their date of birth right, because a Taurus with a Sagittarius Ascendant and a Gemini Moon might not be that much of a Taurus after all! Name: Birth Date: 22 July 1973 0:00 Planet = Longitude. House = Longitude Sun 29 Cancer 1 I 2 Taurus 37 Moon 13 Aries 52 II 5 Gemini 51 Mercury 26 Cancer 15 III 25 Gemini 45 Venus 26 Leo 13 IV 13 Cancer 15 Mars 19 Aries 7 V 3 Leo 19 Jupiter 8 Aquarius 18 VI 3 Virgo 52 Saturn 28 Gemini 44 VII 2 Scorpio 37 Uranus 19 Libra 13 VIII 5 Sagittarius 51 Neptune 4 Sagittarius 50 IX 25 Sagittarius 45 Pluto 2 Libra 7 X 13 Capricorn 15 Ascendant 2 Taurus 37 XI 3 Aquarius 19 Midheaven 13 Capricorn 15 XII 3 Pisces 52 Ascendant Taurus - Ruler of Ascendant is Venus You are gifted with sweetness, graciousness and infinite sensuality! You have excellent taste and pay special attention to beauty and to your own outer appearance. Constant in thought, deed and feeling, your calmness and serenity quickly win you others' trust. You hate change! You prefer to stay on the secure and well-trodden path avoiding any risks. When it comes to making a decision, you think things through incredibly thoroughly before making your mind up, considering every single alternative available to you. This is why it takes an age for you to decide anything! But when you do make a decision, nobody and nothing can stand in your way or make you change your mind – you are enormously stubborn! Despite being patient with others, when you have had more than your fair share, you transform into a raging bull blind with fury. So everybody had better run and hide! You were born to live lavishly: you love luxury and riches and have very expensive tastes. You just cannot resist good food, often overindulging in various guilty pleasures. You thus have a tendency to pile on the pounds! Planets in the Signs - Sun in Cancer - You are full of contradictions! One minute you need to be all by yourself to get lost in your thoughts and the next you cannot survive without the love and support of your loved ones. You are a sensitive, tender and romantic creature. What you want, above all, is to give and receive love. You are full of emotional insecurities and yet you openly offer your tender care and affection to everyone who needs it. Easily adaptable, even if you occasionally appear a little too vulnerable (or like a bit of a "cry baby") to others, underneath it all you are incredibly resilient and dynamic. You never forget a good deed – or a bad deed for that matter. If someone wrongs you, you really take it to heart and never let go. Moon in Aries - Your fiery soul is brimming with strength and self-confidence! Naturally spontaneous and honest, you value your independence above all else and go to great lengths to preserve it! This makes you a bit of a loner. You love action, adventure and risk and can be happy with very little, not being all that interested in wealth and luxury. You find joy in life's simple pleasures and prefer a bohemian (even ascetic at times) and unencumbered lifestyle. Your greatest faults are your impatience and lack of self-control. You are capable of tripping yourself up though sheer carelessness in your desperation to make things happen this very instant, thus sabotaging everything you have worked for! Or you can get angry over the slightest trifle, start a fight and unwittingly hurt the very people who love and care about you. Mercury in Cancer - You think, speak and express yourself guided by your heart rather than your head! Instead of examining matters in a logical and rational way you tend to let emotions dictate all your decisions, even if you know from experience that this often leads to undesirable consequences. Believing feelings to actually be thoughts in disguise, you are sceptical about anyone's ability to transform a negative thought into a positive one – at least for longer than a passing moment! You are prone to overreacting to stimuli and may overthink and complicate matters that are in fact quite simple. Your most powerful decision-making tool is your strong intuition, which underpins most of your thinking. You are highly sensitive to the feelings that words can evoke and are strongly moved by poetry, literature and lyrics. You enjoy studying subjects that delve deeply into the human soul, such as psychology or the occult, avidly seeking explanations for what seems utterly inexplicable! Venus in Leo - Always with a smile on your face, you are pleasant, sociable, energetic and fun to be around. Love is what revitalises you and keeps you ticking along nicely! This is why there is never a moment when your heart isn't beating for someone. When you fall in love, you give yourself over to your beloved heart and soul, generously sharing everything you have got – both in your heart and in your pocket. You just love spoiling the object of your affections with your gifts, generosity and unwavering devotion. Incredibly charming and well-presented, you have a kind of star-quality that invariably makes you the centre of attention! A fan of the good life, you love glamour and are prone to overindulge in life's wonderful pleasures. Life is for living as far as you are concerned! And what is the point of being alive without enjoying every minute of it? It is those moments of fun and pleasure that make life beautiful after all. Mars in Aries - Nothing can hold you back! Wildly impulsive, you have a tendency to act first and think later, well before you have had any chance to consider the consequences of your actions! Courage is your middle name. You are energetic, cheerful and spontaneous, brimming with energy, vitality and dynamism. You also have a fiery and passionate sexual temperament and are a zealous lover. A fan of the chase, you want to be the one to take the initiative and lead the game. Your excessive enthusiasm and energy can sometimes lead you to make reckless and impulsive decisions, which might not serve your best interests in the long run. You also have a rather short fuse! But while you are quick to anger, you hold no grudges and quickly calm down again once you have let it all out. Still, everyone in the vicinity had better run for the hills until you do calm down, as you are capable of aggressive outbursts that can frighten the birds from the trees! Jupiter in Aquarius - A fair and radical thinker – your views may well be ahead of your time! Highly democratic, you are interested in the common good, entertaining progressive ideas and philosophies that you want to see applied to benefit your fellow man. Your social conscience leads you to fight for a better future and you are likely to get involved with various organisations and communities to achieve that, uniting with others who share your beliefs. Your idealistic disposition means you can go without, if it means achieving something greater for the community. You have the ability to remain forward-thinking and optimistic even in the face of difficulty. Fair and open-minded, you keep your finger on the pulse and naturally move with the times. You are highly focused on your personal growth. Saturn in Gemini - highly intelligent, you are able to run through a number of calculations quickly in your head and come up with the right answer to any problem in a flash. You love to do research, discover new things and explore new subjects, and your intellectual accomplishments are truly outstanding! You have a knack for numbers and technology and an appreciation for intellectual rigour and the sciences. Your worst trait is that you often try to avoid your responsibilities and blame others when things go wrong. You may easily get into arguments because you just cannot stop yourself from verbally lashing out! Uranus in Libra - You are creative and joyful by nature! Always with a smile on your face and up for a bit of fun, you are eager to go against the grain and try something new and original. You are not comfortable with long-term commitment, preferring to keep things more light-hearted and casual – and you do your best to avoid getting married! Nonetheless, the decision to have a family will come upon you one day completely unexpectedly! And then, just as suddenly as you got married you may decide to get a divorce… You are attracted to people who are older than you and who can share with you their knowledge and experience. You prefer adopting modern, less mainstream tactics of your own choosing when it comes to dealing with others. Even so, you are an incredibly tolerant individual with a strong set of values and great creative talent! Neptune in Sagittarius - You are an idealist by nature – filled with high aspirations and grandiose dreams, hopes and visions for the future. No matter what life throws your way, you just cannot stop anticipating good things and dreaming of a better tomorrow. Full of optimism and positivity you constantly make plans for a life that's better than the one you are currently living. You cannot bear stagnation so you try to keep expanding your world, learning about anything and everything in order to be ready to take off when the future comes. You love philosophy, religion and politics – anything that gives you a sense of the bigger picture! You also love travelling. Rest assured, you will travel a lot in your life! You especially yearn to journey to distant civilisations and get to know foreign cultures, as a way to open up your mind and widen your horizons. You are wonderfully sociable and outgoing and you have friends from all around the globe! Pluto in Libra - You experience change and spiritual growth primarily through your close romantic relationships and friendships. Investing yourself in your relationships completely, these play a central role in your life, becoming a defining factor of your personality. You have a no-nonsense attitude toward marriage and partnership, both of which you approach with the utmost seriousness and commitment. This is exactly why relationships function like a catalyst for change and maturity in your life. Planets in the House Sun in the fourth house - Radiant and dynamic, you are the undisputed head of the household. You are eager to take the reigns in all family matters and assume a position of leadership at home. You stand by your family through thick and thin, defending and supporting them as only you can. But you can also be dictatorial at times, trying to impose your will on everyone. You may therefore unwittingly oppress your family with your desire to supervise everything and ensure that nothing goes ahead without your approval. Your home is your castle and your family is your source of strength. You draw upon this source freely in order to achieve your aims. Quite possibly, your greatest desire is to have a home and family of your own. Mercury in the fourth House - your home and family offer a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of life – a secure nest, where you can relax and indulge exclusively in your interests! Your parents probably encouraged you early on to develop your mind and most likely supported your choice of subjects. You may experience many ups and downs in your home life and family, may often be on the move or have to frequently change your residence. Venus in the fifth house - You have impeccable taste! You also have lots of creative talent – whether in music, painting, dancing, writing or theatre – which you pour into your artistic pursuits. The creative arts serve as an outlet for your inner world, especially during times of emotional intensity. This is true whether you are experiencing great anguish or great joy! As Shakespeare said: “All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players” and you often feel as if you have the star role in such a play, experiencing everything with dramatic passion and intensity! You also draw strength from your romantic pursuits. You need love and companionship in your life, feeling despondent and incredibly lonely and insecure without that special someone to make life beautiful. You adore children. Jupiter in the eleventh house - You seek to attain high social standing and earn the recognition and respect of your community. Your ambition runs high and yet you are an idealist – a visionary with concerns beyond your immediate environment. You dream of a better world: a world where equality, welfare and fairness are the norm. You are a philanthropist and you want to share your life's journey with a group of like-minded individuals, with whom you can engage in pursuits aimed at manifesting your ideals. You are very lucky to be surrounded by good friends who will help you to move forward with your plans. Saturn in the third house - Plato said: “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.” And you fully agree. You don't like to talk at random and always choose your words carefully aiming to impress others. You express yourself succinctly, focusing solely on substance and leaving out any needless detail. You are not all that open to making new acquaintances, or to new ideas. It takes time for you to open up and express yourself to someone and, if you do, this person must first earn your trust. Uranus in the sixth house - You believe in "mind over matter" and have great self-control. You know your own body better than anyone else and prefer to establish your own rituals when it comes to maintaining your health and vitality. You may experience fluctuations in body-weight simply because you have a tendency to operate unpredictably – especially when it comes to food. Neptune in the seventh house - You long to associate with people who share your values, hopes and dreams! Incredibly romantic and idealistic, you know what you want in a relationship – whether this is marriage, romance or friendship – and will never settle for less. Often, however, what you seek may be just beyond your reach, and people may disappoint you. On the other hand, the search for your soul-mate might lead you into some emotionally volatile and fickle behaviour. Pluto in the sixth house- You have unparalleled self-discipline. Once you have made a decision, you employ your considerable willpower, determination and dynamism to make things happen right there and then! If you ever declare: "I am on a diet" or "I started to exercise" or even "I quit smoking", you really mean it. You are not the type to make frivolous declarations. You are tough, even on yourself, and you are not afraid of restrictions when they are for your own good. You are just as disciplined when it comes to your professional commitments, making sure that every task is carried out with the utmost diligence and efficiency. If something doesn't go according to your plans, you become utterly obsessed until you see it through to completion! You are incredibly strict with yourself and this is likely to cause you severe stress. So do try to take a minute to slow down and relax a little – after all, nobody is perfect. Planetary Aspects Sun Conjunct Mercury Your mind is your greatest asset! Your natural intelligence allows you to get ahead and look after yourself when the going gets tough. You have great communicative talent. Your argumentation is so solid, sound and methodical that others are hard put to get one over on you once you get going! You can make great progress as a writer or in education and politics, because you are highly gifted and convincing with words! Sun Trine Neptune - Your vivid imagination allows you to travel to far-off, magical dreamlands and grace everything you touch with an idealism that is rare. You are a sweet and gentle soul filled with childlike innocence and wonder! Deeply romantic, you feel disappointed when you find out that not everyone can think like you do. Nonetheless, you have luck on your side. Just when you think you have hit rock bottom, help suddenly appears from the most unexpected quarter! You will undoubtedly find recognition for your creativity and unusual ideas, even if your lack of practicality delays your plans. Art and philosophy are likely to draw your interest. Sun Sextile Pluto - You display remarkable seriousness and intensity in all your activities and interactions with others. A lover of power, you could easily enter politics and obtain a leadership role! Your instincts are infallible, always putting you on the right path – especially when confronted with tricky situations – and you are an absolute treasure-trove of hidden talents. You will no doubt use your dynamism to make good use of your abilities, easily overcoming whatever challenges life brings your way. Moon Conjunct Mars- You radiate incredible dynamism! Your bold and cheeky personality has the ability to stir people to action, making you an excellent team leader. You have a natural vibrancy and an ability to get people moving by establishing a special rapport with each person individually – especially when it comes to younger people. Your excessive enthusiasm, however, often leads to behaviour that is over the top, making others feel uncomfortable. You always do your best to take care of your loved ones – indeed anyone – freely offering your help and support. Moon Sextile Jupiter- You captivate everyone with your brilliant charm, much like a goldfish that shimmers in still waters, catching the sunlight. Keenly interested in the common good, you have luck on your side! You want life to be fair and you ensure that you do your part, behaving equitably, honourably and honestly towards everyone you meet. This earns you recognition and popularity among your peers. You have a highly developed sense of justice and are a firm believer in education as providing an essential and solid foundation for growth and development. You like to take it easy and enjoy those wonderfully light-hearted moments when you are without a care in the world! Moon Opposite Uranus- You are not what we would call the traditional type. A bit of a misfit, you hate to be labelled and categorised by others and prefer to break the mould, disrupting the patterns, customs and traditions that run in your family. You like to confront others and deviate from the norm, resisting convention at every turn! However, your strongly independent and unconventional nature often leads you to act with a sort of callous indifference towards others' feelings. So, you should not be surprised when people fail to give you the support you believe that you deserve… Venus Sextile Saturn - You always want to know the truth, no matter how unsavoury! You seek relationships that are grounded on mutual honesty and need to have serious and dignified people by your side. You retain your reservations, remaining suspicious of others until they show you their true intentions. But once someone wins your trust, you slowly relax and begin to reveal your feelings. You are guided by reason in matters of the heart and need to be with someone who is powerful, professionally successful and generally held in high esteem. Mars Opposite Uranus- You exhaust yourself trying to preserve what you have and missing out on opportunities to experience, acquire or learn something new. You are thrown off track by anything fresh and original and tend to suffer powerful clashes with your environment – and even your partner – in your efforts to preserve habit and tradition. Do try to loosen your grip a little and to act a little more spontaneously, for allowing yourself to express your feelings in this way will probably make you much happier. Jupiter Sextile Neptune- Never missing the forest for the trees, you have the ability to see through individual differences and perceive unity – the common thread that runs through us all, bringing us all together. When you feel serene, you can truly perceive the common ground underlying everything. You are a natural when it comes to metaphysics, psychology and mysticism, and are very good at representing others' interests, whether you like doing so or not. There are times when you can truly feel a sense of oneness with life. Saturn Square Pluto - You are incredibly organised and tend to hide behind your duties and obligations. Your overly serious approach tends to side-line any chance that others may have to come close and get to know you. You resist intimacy and avoid any subject that is delicate and might lead to confrontation or – worse – change! But you are likely to experience regular outbreaks of havoc and upheaval that overturn even the most carefully disciplined and structured aspects of your life. Neptune Sextile Pluto - Your have a searing vision that tears down anything that passes for a conventional ideal or object of reverence – a vision about the eternal process of renewal in life unlike any other! You accept the natural order of things and have great faith in the next generation. You love children and animals.


Enneagram Reading Sample for Type 4 - The Individualist Identity seekers, who feel unique and different Enneagram type 4 - The IndividualistPeople of this personality type tend to build their identities around their perception of themselves as being somehow different or unique; they are thus self-consciously individualistic. Fours tend to see their difference from others as being both a gift and a curse - a gift, because it sets them apart from those they perceive as being somehow "common," and a curse, as it so often seems to separate them from the simpler forms of happiness that others so readily seem to enjoy. Thus, Fours can manage to feel superior to others while also secretly harboring some degree of longing and envy. A feeling of being a member of the "true aristocracy" alternates with deep feelings of shame, and fears of somehow being deeply flawed or defective. Fours are emotionally complex and highly sensitive. They long to be understood and appreciated for their authentic selves, but easily feel misunderstood and unappreciated. They have a tendency to withdraw in the face of a world that seems harsh or crude, and are often somewhat moody or temperamental. They are emotionally centered and spend much of their lives immersed in their internal mental landscapes, where they feel free to cultivate and analyse their feelings. A desire to manifest this internal world often leads Fours to an interest in the arts, and some do become actual artists. Whether artistic or not, however, most Fours are aesthetically sensitive and concerned with self-expression and self-revelation, whether it be in the clothes they wear or in the overall nature of their often idiosyncratic lifestyles. Fours are somewhat melancholic by disposition, and under stress tend to lapse into depression. They also tend to be self-absorbed, even under the best of circumstances, but when unbalanced, easily give way to a self-indulgence which they perceive as being fully justified as a way to compensate for the general lack of pleasure they experience in their lives. Rather than look for practical solutions to their difficulties, Fours are prone to fantasizing about a savior who will rescue them from their unhappiness. Intellectual Fours tend to mistakenly type themselves as Fives, and a heavy wing can certainly exacerbate this tendency. Fours however, unlike Fives, tend to be self-revealing and comfortable with emotional expression.

SPELLWORK £10.00 Image of SPELLWORK **SPELL WORK / SPELL CASTING – Written & Devised Specifically for Individual Personal Requirements or Intended Use (to be cast in your own time &within your magickal sacred space) with the Instructions and Ingredients provided or Spells Written, Prepared and Cast, By Kristie, either with the client present or in the privacy of Her Own Healing, Magickal, Sacred Space. “We often associate wellbeing with feeling energetic simply because we think we need one to have the other. Healthy intentions like eating properly or exercising seem easier to do when we have energy. Likewise, being fit creates more vitality to tackle other aspects of our lives. Good health and vigour can generate more of the same. A Spell to promote good health and wellbeing could help ease discomfort or mind, body and soul. “ IMPORTANT – I will NOT cast any spell that manipulates a person’s freewill, is intended with malice, for unjustified personal gain, causes Ill will or may harm another . When you are preparing a spell I Always keep in mind that the Wiccan Rede states you should fairly give and fairly take, meaning you only take what you need and give those who need. Cast your circle three times in order to keep yourself safe from negativity. The Wiccan Rede also tells us that we should be easy-going with our judgments and easily give understanding to those who need it. By using our ears rather than our mouths, we are must better at being understanding. It also tells us to beware of the greed in others and not fall prey to it, as well as be aware of the greed in ourselves. And finally, the Wiccan Rede tells us that we should not be unfaithful to our lovers, but it’s not just referring to your significant other. The word ‘lovers’ refers to anyone we hold dear in our hearts. The final eight words of the Wiccan Rede are what is considered the most important and distinctive factor of this religion. An’ it harm none, do what ye will. Whether you’re casting a spell for you or someone else, you must always put your love and your concern for them first and forget about any negative emotions . As long as you are taking actions that are either benign or with love, then you are fine. Any actions taken to harm another are not okay. And will return to you three-fold.

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