26. Jan, 2017

Robin feathers

Feathers have been symbolic in many cultures for a very long time. There are all different types of feathers and literally hundreds of meanings and interpretations for them if you start digging. Native Americans believed that symbolically fathers represent spiritual ascension to a different plane. They wore feathers as a sign of their ability to communicate with spirit and their wisdom. Druids had beautiful feathered robes that they wore during their rituals to help them invoke the sky gods. They believed that the presence of these gods along with the cloak would allow them to enter the ethereal realm. Feathers are magical and Wiccans use feathers in magic and rituals, here is a folder with a list of feathers and their magical meanings. Feathers always represent air, they are a symbol of the spirits and heavens, the colour meaning of feathers are below. White: purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace and blessings of the Moon. Pink: love, romance caring, empathy, kindness, tenderness. Red: grounding, physical vitality, courage, good luck and fortune, life. Corresponds to root chakra. Orange: attraction, energy, success, physical love, new ideas, will power, and independence. Yellow: wisdom, playfulness, positive attitude, alertness, prosperity. Green: harmony, unity, prosperity, money, health, nature, animals, plants, forgiveness, fertility Blue: mental abilities, psychic awareness, spiritual connection, knowledge, communication, protection, peace Purple: connection with the universe and universal energy Brown: stability, respect, home Gray: peace, balance, neutrality Black: bring mystical wisdom that comes with true spiritual initiation. Protection.