23. Feb, 2017

Rosemary continued

Rosemary is by far the most versatile of the herbs witches use in magic. It can be used in love spells, worn as as a protection amulet or used in tea to boost your memory. Back in times of plague, rosemary was burned in rooms and homes that people had died in to rid the room of illness. To ancient practitioners, rosemary was used to stimulate brain functions and help improve memory. Many witches hang bundles upon their front door to ward intruders and burglars. Rosemary is proven to cure headaches, colds and nervous diseases, including nervous depression. It’s excellent for your heart and nervous system and pairs well with many other herbs to suit a purpose.
Rosemary is an excellent ward of negativity and bad luck. You can make a sachet full of rosemary and bury around your front door to rid your home and land of negativity. You can carry a rosemary sachet with you to welcome good luck and abundance to come your way. Rosemary can be used in a spell to bring love into your life. It also serves as an excellent substitute for any herb you are without. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to substitute an herb I was out of or didn’t have for some rosemary. It’s medical, metaphysical and magical purposes are astounding, it can pretty much be used for anything. It’s just one of those herbs you always want to have on hand, or even grow yourself so you don’t have to buy it constantly.