3. Mar, 2017

Rune Magick

The word 'Rune' means 'secret' and also to whisper or to roar. Each Rune is a letter in an ancient alphabet, with its own meaning and power. Traditionally, the Runes were used in magical practice and for the art of divination, the oracular reading of the past, present and future. This is not an alphabet such as those we are familiar with in the modern era, for it is called 'ideographic', a style where the shape of the letter embodies an idea or dynamic principle. In this way, someone with knowledge who understands the meaning inherent in the Runes will know what powers lie within them and will be able to summon such powers.

When we draw or lay a Rune to cast a spell, enact a rite or read the future, the act is a magical one, naming the power that rules the Rune. Once named, the power rises from a deep well of elemental force or flows from the unseen realm of spirit. The Runes are in essence an oracle for life, naming natural cycles and invoking the natural forces of this world so we can attune to them and, with time and disciplined effort, direct them. Remember though that this is done only in the way that a mariner directs the boat by setting a course and catching the wind in the sail. Beyond this, no one may direct the wind but the wind itself.

Rune Practice

Work with the Runes opens a myriad of doors. And, while casting or reading them is an important practice, it is only a portion of the magical gifts the Runes can bring. Traditionally, the runic characters would be sewn or embroidered into garments to enhance the beauty or mystique of the wearer. Jewellers engraved their work with Runes, as with the Meldorf Brooch, so the wearer would shine with the radiant glow of precious metals and gems. Carvings in wood or stone directed the magic of the Runes to make boundaries, markers, messages and warnings. Chests and storerooms would bear the marks of Runes that would conceal them from view or strengthen the locks. The Smith would forge Runes into the steel of a sword so that the wielder would have strength, courage, skill and good fortune in battle. Shields, belts and armour would bear Runes into the fight to protect the wearer from harm and strike fear into the heart of an enemy. Scholars could call upon the power of the Runes for study. Leaders would ask for guidance from the Runes, casting oracles to clarifying important decisions.

Get to know the Runes for yourself and ask for their magic to come into your life. The Rune FEHU can teach you to summon the power of living increase and bring wealth. The Rune KENAZ can teach skilful work, especially with fire and tools. KENAZ will aid you to find a balanced cycle of work and rest. JERA will teach you the natural cycles of the seasons and the land, revealing how you can work with the earth. PERTHRO will teach you to trust your intuition, your artistry and your good fortune, revealing the moment to take a risk or to stake everything on an inspiration. TIWAZ will bring learning and teach you how to make strong or determining decisions that will put you on the right path. BERKANA will give that special glamour for an occasion, an interview or a presentation. And, if you wish to bring love into your life or lust into your bed, BERKANA can give the glow that will guarantee the afterglow later on. DAGAZ can awaken your mind and spirit so you can seize opportunities or create them, taking a tangential turn or the path of sudden change to alter the state of your life.

These Runes may whet your appetite to work with the magic of a gift that calls you to an ancient path, one that you can make your own in the here and now.