10. Mar, 2017

When is the witching hour?

Finding Ťhe Right Time

Sometimes it’s hard to make room for magick in daily life. We understand, so we made this hypothetical schedule to give you an idea of how to incorporate a little magic every hour of your day.

6:00 am Charge your morning tea or coffee while checking the moon phase

7:00 am Pick out a talisman to wear for protection/luck/etc. when dressing

8:00 am Use a sigil or glamour perfume to enhance confidence for the day

9:00 am Use a protective charm for traveling on your way to work or class

10:00 am Use an attraction charm or friendly glamour to improve interactions

11:00 am Drink plenty of fruit or crystal infused water for magical hydration

12:00 pm Add charged spices to your lunch for midday energy re-boost

1:00 pm Spend a moment with enchanted smelling salts for calmness

2:00 pm Cast a simple spell using emojis on your smartphone

3:00 pm Give a cup of coffee with enchanted sugar to ‘sweeten’ someone up

4:00 pm Use a concentration sigil to improve your work or studying

5:00 pm Use a money or luck spell for payday, or to beat traffic home

6:00 pm Choose specific ingredients for your intent when making dinner

7:00 pm Cleanse your home with herbs, or a crystal-infused room spray

8:00 pm Set aside some time to light some candles and meditate

9:00 pm Remove the day’s energy with an herbal soap in the bath or shower

10:00 pm Use a dream pillow or cast a sleep circle for the perfect night’s rest

There’s always time for magick!