21. Jun, 2017


Some people say the cards are spooky; some shy away from the idea of ‘finding out the future’. But that’s misunderstanding the nature of divination. The tarot won’t tell you for certain what will happen in the future, no way. It doesn’t deal in certainties and, no, the Death card doesn’t mean you’re going to die! It simply suggests that there may be some changes ahead, some transformation coming up.

When you lay out the tarot, you’re by-passing the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious, tapping into a complex web of possibilities. The cards are merely giving you a possible outcome, given the present situation and your attitude, your state of mind, your subconscious feelings. Remember, we always have choice, we always have free will. People who use the tarot wisely do so for self-growth, self-understanding, self-development. It’s all about looking at a problem or a situation in a non-linear way – call it seriously smart lateral thinking.

Can you use aromatherapy to help deepen your tarot readings? Absolutely! Certain oils seem to open up communication - with our subconscious, our Higher Self, and (depending on your beliefs) with higher spiritual beings in the universe. For example, we use Frankincense, Myrrh and Hawaiian Sandalwood in our Meditation Guru blend to center the mind and expand awareness.