25. Jan, 2018

Special offer

#Psychic party in your own home ....
Gather a few friends together for a evening of #clairvoyant readings
Each person gets a 1-2-1 private #reading and you will be given the chance to join in a #seance.
During the evening we will hold an over shadow experience in this we bring your loved ones so very close that you may sense, feel, and sometimes even see or hear them. They can/may move your hands, touch your hair and/or face. This is an amazing experience (this is not guaranteed! Each person and reading is unique!).
Inbox ME to book. £5 per person, maximum time spent individually with each client is 15 minutes.
Various methods of spirit communication are used.
We require a minimum of 5 people for a booking & the host/ess receives a FREE GIFT until 01.03.18 .
PayPal: holistichealthhealer@outlook.com