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**Astrological Profiling, Reports, Compatibility Charts and Potential Unique to YOUR date of birth.
The first thing that people think of when they think of astrology are the zodiac signs. Everybody knows what theirs is based on their birthday, even if they are not a student of astrology. There are some basic terms that go along with each of the signs, and even casual followers of the horoscopes can identify whether or not a trait belongs to a certain sign – for example, in matters of hearth and home, Cancer is well known for being second to none.
However, there is more to the zodiac signs than meets the eye. Each of these signs has a few different facets, the first of these facets being the elements. There are four elements that are attributed to zodiac signs, just as there are four elements in any other study or esoteric calling – fire, water, air, and earth.
A sign belonging to one of these elemental families is going to share a few traits with the other signs that also belong to that family.
The first element, fire, houses the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The qualities that you would expect to be paired with fire come with these signs in spades; these signs have a tendency to be energetic, enthusiastic, and warm. Generally, people with these signs have an air positivity around them as a result.
Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are true to their nature and are the exact opposite of the fire signs. Water signs are emotional, a nature that mirrors the way that the element flows. They are also impressionable individuals, and have a tendency to be drawn into negativity throughout their lives, as they are easy signs to be maltreated because of their emotional nature.
Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs. These signs are the intellectual type, with their “head in the clouds” so to speak. Air signs do not have many problems in communicating, and they make up the positive end of the air-earth pairing, just as fire does in the fire and water pairing.
The signs that are grounded in earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Static and unyielding, these signs are practical in nature and know what they stand for. As was previously mentioned, they are the negative end of their pairing with the air signs.
You can order your report via email (

**Chinese Astrological Reports – Learn how the year you were born Influences you daily. You can order your report via Email (

**Numerology – Using your Unique Date of Birth and Full Name, to provide insight into your Personality, Character Traits, Compatibility and Ideal Career Choices. This is an In-depth and Informative Report. You can order your report via Email (

**Native American Astrological Profile – Using a Traditional Native American Medicine Wheel (representing Truth, Power and Knowledge) , this reading is used to gain insight regarding how our individual lives play a role in The Creators Grand Scheme. Each direction of the wheel offers its own Lessons, Colour and Animal Spiritual Guide. The circle is representative of life’s never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Animals are used to depict the changing seasons and 12 zodiac signs. Each Animal / Sign has its own powerful meaning and correspondences. Order your Personal Profile NOW! Learn how your date of birth Influences your Life on a daily Basis. You can order your report via Email (

**PERSONAL POWER ANIMAL – Analysis, Reading and Reports relating to your personal power animal which is accessed via a Relaxed, meditative state of consciousness . Animals have a great deal to teach us. Some are great parents and protectors , others are experts at survival and then there are those who will simply teach us how to be playful or more loving. Our ancestors had a close connection to the wildlife in nature. They would learn the “language” of an animal and thus knew what message the Divine was sending them when the animal appeared. Sometimes an animal can warn us that a harsh winter is approaching. Other times it may bring a message that Spring is near. Some say that birds have led him lead them to food and water or helped them find their way when they became lost . Certain animals bring a message of strength or courage, while others tell us to relax and enjoy life. Again, the more we learn about our animal friends, the easier it will be for them to communicate with us. In the best-selling book ‘Animal Speak’, Ted Andrews tells us: “When we learn to speak with the animals, to listen with animal ears and to see through animal eyes, we experience the phenomena, the power and the potential of the human essence, and it is then that the animals are no longer our subordinates. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions. They show us the true majesty of life itself. They restore our forgotten childlike wonder at the world and the reawaken our lost lead in magic, dreams and possibilities.” Every living creature contains an aspect of the Divine power within it. Ultimately, every species and every aspect of its environment reminds us of what we can manifest in our own lives. Sometimes we will have personal contact with a special animal, but other times it comes to us in our dreams, or we see images of it everywhere. When an animal draws our attention, we need to ask ourselves what qualities that animal is bringing to us. An animal can be a symbol of a specific power or energy manifesting in your life.

**Graphology – Analysis, Reading and Reports of your Handwriting. Who knew that your scribbled notes and doodles could reveal SO MUCH about the TRUE, HIDDEN, INNER YOU!?! You can order your report (A SAMPLE OF YOUR HANDWRITING NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED / ATTACHED) via Email (

**Palmistry – Unique and Personal Reading. Palmistry involves the practice of telling fortunes and interpreting character from the lines and configurations on the palm of a person’s hand. It is said that the left hand is the hand we are born with and the right hand is the hand we make. Knowing more about what these lines stand for can help you know yourself and others better. You can order your report via Email (

**Tarot Readings – Tarot cards are a powerful and mystical device, tarot cards are at once familiar and at once very strange. They are used for divination and magickal purposes.
**YES / NO QUESTION (1 card reading)
**Quick Overview (3 card reading)
**Answer Specific Questions (5 card reading)
**In-depth Comprehensive Readings (Celtic Cross 12 Cards)
Readings are Adapted for your very own individual requirements. Can be read in One-to-One Sessions, Group Settings, Email Readings or Telephone Consultation. You can order your report via Our Facebook page (Holistic Health Healer Leicester), Email (

**Intention / Actualisation / Manifestation / Cosmic Ordering – What does your Perfect Trip , Job, Home, Relationship or Life look like? How does it feel? What scent invokes your imagery? How can Journaling, Do Not Send Letters and Vision / Mood Boards help your obtain your hearts desire? – it helps to have a very clear picture of exactly what you want in your mind. While many people have a vague idea of what they want, they are unable to attain it simply because they lack the clarity of vision required to make their dream successful. By having a clear picture of exactly what you want, you will be able to work hard to drive yourself toward it. It will allow you to realign your life and trim away anything that does not directly lead toward the items you want. For some, this will be money. But rather than simply thinking you want to be rich, it helps to focus on tangible rewards. It might be an exact number in your bank account. It might be a sports car. It might be a boat. It can be anything that represents your striving for wealth. With such a clear picture in your mind, it is easier to move directly toward your goal.

**Iridology – They say the eyes are the window to the soul. And, for this therapy, they reveal your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health. Assessing your Overall, General Health and offering Advice, Guidance and Recommendations for Improved wellness and vitality. We also include Ear Reflexology Assessment and Tongue Reading to gain insight into your general health, happiness and wellbeing.

**Meditation – Practical Sessions Complete With Workbooks to take Home so That You Continue To Utilise the Techniques and Practical Skills Acquired During Your Sessions. Introduction to Meditation Aim: To develop basic meditation skills. Meditation is commonly associated with relaxation techniques, or perhaps the repetition of a chanted mantra such as the “Om” chant. While these are certainly aspects of meditation they are not the only ways to meditate. Meditation can include chanting, visualisation, contemplation of concepts, breathing and various other techniques. The duration a meditation should be performed will vary according to the skill of the individual and the purpose for which it is being used.

**Mindfulness – Informative, Practical and Empowering. Suitable for Many Situations / Conditions. Informational Literature Supplied for your personal use.
Mindfulness is the art of living in the present, completely, focusing both our conscious and subconscious mind on the thoughts, actions, and feelings that a person is experiencing in that precise moment.
By formal definition, mindfulness is, “The intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.” ~
Mindfulness is a state where you, as a person, are paying complete attention to the present, i.e. the moment that you are in. You are observing and experiencing every little thought and emotion that are coming to your mind. Instead of letting your life go by while you are too busy trying to live, you are actually living.

**Guided Visualisation – Ideal for Stress Management, Relaxation, Breaking Bad Habits, Empowering Positive Attributes in your life. Release negative, harmful or distressing emotions during this therapy, complete with analysis, guidance and advice, Further Healing Techniques to practice in your own time. While the term visualisation is not the best name for this skill it is very common. The problem with the term visualisation is that the skills do not rely solely on inner visual senses, but rather on all inner senses. Visualisation may be either spontaneous or controlled. With spontaneous visualisation there is no intention for what images or symbols may appear to be worked with. With controlled visualisation there is some form of intention behind the imagery. This may be another person guiding, or it may be the usage of a symbol to initiate the visualisation (such as path-working with Tarot cards or runes).

**Psychic Readings – Available in One-to-one Sessions, Groups Settings, Email Reading, Live Web chat and Telephone Consultation **SPECIAL OFFER – HOST A PSYCHIC OR TAROT PARTY – MINIMUM 5 PEOPLE TO ATTEND & HAVE READINGS, THE HOST GETS A FREE READING AND SPECIAL GIFT! ** You can order your report via Our Facebook page (Holistic Health Healer Leicester), Email (

**Aura Analysis and Readings – In-depth, Informative, and Enlightening. Explore the Colour and Layers of your Aura and how they impact on your day-to-day life, Relationships and How You Interact with the World Around You Generally. It is this etheric energy that we see when we see people’s auras. Etheric energy is stronger in the more spiritually and magically powerful, such as Gurus, Teachers, Healers, for example. This is why great spiritual figures such as Buddha and the Christian saints were portrayed as having halos around their heads, or in Buddha’s case, the thousand petalled lotus. The halo is really a depiction of the crown chakra around the top of the head.

**Sleep Hygiene – Suffering from Sleepless or Restless Nights, Disrupted Sleep, Vivid Dreams that Leave you feeling Lethargic, Fatigued, and Generally Tired Overall. Learn Techniques, Routines, Coping Strategies, Alternative Therapies and Remedies to Promote a Restful and Re-energising Sleep.

**Stress Management – Whatever Your Stressor, We can Suggest Coping Skills. Problem Solving Strategies, Relaxation Techniques, Holistic Remedies and Treatments, Traditional Herbal Remedies, Dietary Considerations, Exercise, DIY Aromatic Blends, and non-Invasive, non- medical Procedures, and Beneficial Products that you can utilise again and again to elevate stress in your everyday life.

**Affirmations For Personal Use – Empowering, Energising and Insightful. Use affirmations daily to reinforce ALL of the positives in your life and to assist you with focusing on the areas of yourself or life that you’d like to improve upon. An Example of a Healing Yourself Affirmation – “The healing touch of God/ Goddess light, My health grows strong, Fill me with your might”

**SPELL WORK / SPELL CASTING – Written & Devised Specifically for Individual Personal Requirements or Intended Use (to be cast in your own time &within your magickal sacred space) with the Instructions and Ingredients provided or Spells Written, Prepared and Cast, By Kristie, either with the client present or in the privacy of Her Own Healing, Magickal, Sacred Space.
“We often associate wellbeing with feeling energetic simply because we think we need one to have the other. Healthy intentions like eating properly or exercising seem easier to do when we have energy. Likewise, being fit creates more vitality to tackle other aspects of our lives. Good health and vigour can generate more of the same. A Spell to promote good health and wellbeing could help ease discomfort or mind, body and soul. “
IMPORTANT – I will NOT cast any spell that manipulates a person’s freewill, is intended with malice, for unjustified personal gain, causes Ill will or may harm another .
When you are preparing a spell I Always keep in mind that the Wiccan Rede states you should fairly give and fairly take, meaning you only take what you need and give those who need. Cast your circle three times in order to keep yourself safe from negativity. The Wiccan Rede also tells us that we should be easy-going with our judgments and easily give understanding to those who need it. By using our ears rather than our mouths, we are must better at being understanding. It also tells us to beware of the greed in others and not fall prey to it, as well as be aware of the greed in ourselves. And finally, the Wiccan Rede tells us that we should not be unfaithful to our lovers, but it’s not just referring to your significant other. The word ‘lovers’ refers to anyone we hold dear in our hearts. The final eight words of the Wiccan Rede are what is considered the most important and distinctive factor of this religion. An’ it harm none, do what ye will. Whether you’re casting a spell for you or someone else, you must always put your love and your concern for them first and forget about any negative emotions . As long as you are taking actions that are either benign or with love, then you are fine. Any actions taken to harm another are not okay. And will return to you three-fold.

**Ceromancy – Ceromancy is the Practice of Fortune Telling using wax from a Ritual Candle. Are you prepared to discover just what your future has in store for you???

**Herbalism – What Ails you?! Heart? Mind? Spirit? Body? – Recommendations , Advice, Tinctures, Traditional Remedies, and Resources. Informational Recipe Booklet Included.

**Smudging – for Health & Wellness (Personal Space) Your Home, Business or an Object. Clearing the energies, space or object of all negativity using a herbal (USUALLY SAGE) smudge stick and reinforcing positivity in its place. IDEA TO BREAK A RUN OF BAD LUCK, AND MISFORTUNE, BREAKS and RETURNS TO SENDER A CURSE ,Or HEX And BANISHES / REPELS DARK MAGICK , Auras, Chakras and spiritual essence, Brought back in to The God/Goddess Empowered Light, Balanced, Reinforced with Healing Energy and Metaphysically Protected.

**Dream Analysis & Report – The idea that dreams foretell the future is an age-old one. The Pagan temples of the ancient world had special incubation rooms where people with difficult problems would sleep to ask the Gods to send them the answer to their problem. Sometimes a trained priest or priestess would do it on the individual’s behalf. If we start to record our dreams immediately on waking, we will find that we will gradually remember more and more. ‘Immediately’ does mean immediately. We must have pen and paper by the bed and start writing as soon as we wake up, before the dream memory disappears. If we record our dreams over a period of, say, a month, we may find a number of interesting things. One is that when we dream we often see our friends, relatives, colleagues and partners in a different way from when we are awake. We will find that all sorts of hidden conflicts, tensions and jealousies reveal themselves to us in dreams of which we were unaware.

**Spiritual Healing – ‘Faith’ healing requires that the patient believe in the healer and his or her world view, religion, system, etc. Spiritual healing needs only that the patient be open to something happening. Interestingly, people often prefer to believe that nothing is happening, even when it is. In my spiritual healing practice, I have treated many a reluctant husband dragged along by his wife who was fed up of his complaints about a chronic illness. Having sat with gritted teeth for half an hour, swearing that nothing was happening, the husbands would disappear, only to reappear again the next week for a follow-up session – this time alone. When asked if there had been any improvement, I would get a reluctant, ‘Well, a bit: It was always, ‘Well a bit’, until they stopped coming because they were well!

**HEALING / BLESSING / PRAYER CIRCLE – simply add your name or the name of a person that would benefit from some Positive, Healing Energy, to the weekly healing list found at
Names will be included in my Magickal, Healing Ritual Practised Routinely and Privately once a week.

**Scrying Using a Crystal Ball or Black Obsidian Mirror – Traditionally used for Fortune Telling, Past Life Regression and Spirit Communication. Not for the faint hearted. N.B IF YOU ARE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION, ON PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH REASONS. A HABITUAL / SOCIAL, ALCOHOL CONSUMER AND/OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE USER , or are under the influence of alcohol or mind / mood (prescribed or otherwise) substances INCLUDING MARIJUARNA, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTAKE IN THIS ACTIVITY .
It is, wholly, at the Readers discretion and a signed legal disclaimer is required for each reading regardless of frequency.

**SINGLE RUNE READING – A powerful tool of Divination, useful for those seeking Spiritual Answers, Clarification or Communication, Guidance and Advice at times of confusion or worry and to Predict The Future. Each Rune has a Unique Symbol, which Represents A Norse God/Goddess, Symbolic Meaning, Magickal Correspondence and Power. Readings online or via EMAIL.